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Our sales staff can plan according to the requirement of the guest for ideas, confirmed by the guests to communicate with the designer to draw the basic plan, and factory confirmation details according to your drawings and make adjustments to the guest, and then to draw 3 d rendering and after confirm with the guest, in proportion to the sample, the post-processing color, printing, add LOGO, providing complete customer confirmation to arrange the sample production.

ISO Program

1. Objective: to formulate production plan, supervise the production process, timely follow up and solve production problems, and deliver goods on time according to the requirements

2. Scope: business, procurement, warehouse, documentary, supplier
3. Responsibility:
3.1 preliminary audit and evaluation of suppliers.
3.2 the merchandiser will issue the production and manufacturing details and confirm with the supplier.
3.3 follow-up material purchase, progress and quality.
3.4 external processing, production arrangement and supervision.
Coordinate and solve the supplier's production problems and monitor the quality of the products.
3.6 guarantee to deliver on time and on quality.
4. Operation process:
To make the manufacturing details and review (within 8 hours) according to the business requirements.
4.2 print the manufacturing details to the relevant personnel for confirmation and to the supplier (within 24 hours).
4.3 coordinate and arrange temporary change of business and plant.
4.4 supervision of the quality and progress of the production process, and find that the problem is reflected to the business and production and timely processing.The specific operation is as follows:
4.4.1 follow up the purchase progress of the material, and then compare it with the original material and color card to ensure the same material.
4.4.2 before the mass production, we will urge the pre-production samples to be arranged before the production. The first test will be to check the size, workmanship, design and process to ensure that the finished products are in accordance with the customers' requirements.If there is any problem, we should timely report to the customer and ask for the customer's advice.
4.4.3 in the initial stage of production, the semi-finished products should be inspected. If there are any problems, it should reflect the company's responsible person and the corresponding management personnel in a timely manner, and supervise and assist the factory to implement the rectification.
4.4.4 big goods finish to check before samples (2 days before the shipment), to monitor the packaging quality of finished products, assist supplier sampling packaged products, early detection, early treatment to do have a problem, try your best to ensure the quality of the production and delivery.
4.4.5 after packaging of large goods, check the packing details. If there is any problem, we must find out the cause and solve it in time.
Arrange shipment according to business requirements and shipping requirements.
Assessment items:
5.1 production documents are incorrect or incomplete but have not caused any loss.
5.2 production loss due to the production of single data or the production of large goods caused by poor supervision.