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biggersmallUpdate time : 2007-06-02

We are a professional gift service company with 10 years, from creative gifts, design, proofing, production through-train service, providing professional textile, plastic, hardware and electronic products, graphic design and 3 d rendering of industrial design, digital printing, 3 d printing, such as laser cutting and engraving process arrange bulk sample production, familiar with screen printing, printing, thermal transfer, water transfer printing, offset printing, spray color, such as all kinds of craft, it is widely used in leather handbags, clothing, bottle, cup, arts and crafts, badges, badge, charging treasure, etc., our factory and products can be through a variety of assessment and certification, Contains ISO, Sedex, BSCI, FSC, SGS, DISNEY, NBCU, etc., to help your company and products, we try our best to do it better!

Wdbest is to build an integrated trading company-type group enterprise with foreign trade as its leading business, and featuring market integration, brand internationalization, business diversification and management modernization. We will, as always, follow the code of conduct of “People-oriented, Integrity Management”, promote the enterprise spirit of “Self-reliance, Pioneering and Innovative”, stride proudly forward, advance with the times, and work together with old and new friends at home and abroad for further development.