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biggersmallUpdate time : 2017-07-09

We can use this software for your image editing, image synthesis, color correction and functional color effects. Image editing is the basis of image processing. We can make all kinds of changes to the image, such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate, tilt, mirror and perspective. It can also copy, remove spots, repair and modify the image damage.
Image synthesis is the application of several images through layer operation, tools to synthesize a complete, clear meaning of the image, drawing tools can provide a good integration of external images and ideas.
School colour can be convenient to the image of the color of light and shade, color adjustment and correction, to switch to meet the image can also be used in different color in different domains such as web design, printing, the respect such as multimedia applications.
Special effect production in the software mainly by filter, channel and tool comprehensive application. This includes the creation of special effects of images and the production of special effects words, such as oil painting, relief sculpture, plaster painting, drawing and other common traditional art skills can be completed by special effects.